Catherine Leduc

I am a volunteer onsite and oversight for the refugee crisis as well as an amateur photgrapher and women empowerment advocate.

To support the wonderful teams working to provide for refugee needs, I have decided to sell my pictures as a means to raise funds with a special interest into women's needs and providing them assistance. This year, I have decided to sponsor Action for Women Switzerland, an independent non profit organisation, founded in Switzerland in 2016 by Gabrielle Tay. Their mission is to provide safety, support and hope for women fleeing conflict, violence and persecution through our projects in Greece.

You can donate by buying decorative pictures in the "DecorateForRefugee" folder and 100% of the profits will be donated to Action for Women. You can also donate directly to Action for Women through their website here:

To know more about life as a refugee and voluntary work in the camps, please have a look at the "Life as a Refugee" photo.

Thank you! Catherine